MESSYWEEKEND secures major investment

You can read the Danish version here.

Last week, we reported that 2023 had been a good year for the Danish eyewear brand MESSYWEEKEND. The financial statements show a high double-digit growth in revenue, an improvement of over 3 million DKK in the bottom line, and the company’s first profit.

Mads Koch Petersen, Co-CEO of MESSYWEEKEND, mentioned that “they were just getting started and expected even better results and growth in the coming years.”

Now we can announce that MESSYWEEKEND has received a significant investment from both existing and new investors. This includes Magasin du Nord, Blazar, Jan Milvertz, and several foreign investors.

This investment marks an important step in MESSYWEEKEND’s growth strategy and will be used to accelerate the company’s ambitious plans for expansion in Asia and the opening of their own optical stores.

Mads Koch Petersen comments:

“It means a great deal to us that our investors believe in the growth plan we have presented and trust that our ambitions will hold true. It is important for us to have such skilled people backing us. But the investment also marks a significant step in our journey towards becoming one of the world’s largest eyewear brands. We have now reached a point where we are running a sustainable financial business and expect a million-dollar profit in 2024, so this investment will primarily be used for new investments in expansion.”


Mads Koch Petersen &   Marc Østerskov

Potential in physical stores

A significant portion of the investment will be allocated to expansion in Asia, where MESSYWEEKEND sees great growth potential. Japan is already one of the largest markets for MESSYWEEKEND with over 100 retailers and a local online presence. MESSYWEEKEND plans to launch in an additional 10 countries in Asia within the next 12 months. This includes their optical concept, as well as more shop-in-shops and standalone stores.

Marc Østerskov, Co-CEO of MESSYWEEKEND, elaborates:

“We see enormous potential in opening physical locations where our customers can get even closer to the brand while enjoying the market’s most affordable prescription glasses. Already this year, we expect to have an additional four physical locations – both in Denmark and abroad.”

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