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titanic hotels enters an international cooperation.


It is with great pleasure we announce that we have entered a cooperation with AYG group, who owns Titanic Hotels, which were established in 1970 I Berlin, Germany.

Today Tintanic Hotels are one of the leading hotel chains in Turkey with “Titanic Beach Lara” as the leading hotel. This hotel is the one this cooperation is about. It is a 5-star hotel and one of the most extraordinary hotels in Europe. The hotel is build as a ship as you can see in the picture below. Fantastic service and quality are two of the keywords you experience when you are a guest at the hotel and the feeling lasts all the way throughout your stay.

Jon Nedza from
“We are very happy to present our first international cooperation. We have had many requests throughout the years but we have not felt the time was right until now. And this is only the beginning. All our cooperations are about offering our readers something special. That is also what this partnership can offer. The recievers of our news letters will get good offers and possibilities from the hotel chain. I have personally been on holiday at Titanic Beach Resort several times with my family, who actually have been visiting the area for more than 12 years as we have an apartment 10 minutes from the hotel. It is because of my girlfriend Signe that this is happening. She introduced me to Turkey and the area around Antalya and I am so fond of this place! This partnership is made with knowledge about the area throughout many years. But we also want to bring stories which can promote Turkey to Danish companies. There are great options for Danish businesses in Turkey. We see that as a key assignment for us in Many people in the Danish businesses don´t know yet how big and attractive Turkey is.”

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Turkish marketing manager: Denmark is an interesting market

Tarik Egemen, Marketing Manager – Titanic Hotels is also looking forward to the cooperation:

“We have entered this cooperation with because Denmark is an interesting market for us. Our hotels have so much to offer and we want to show that to the Danish people. We have chosen as our platform in Denmark. We have had a dialogue for some time now and we are happy about this agreement.”

Danish companies already have success in Turkey

Peter Bay Kirkegaard, Chief Consultant in “Danish Industry” has previously said to the Danish Business Newspaper “Børsen”: “It is not a bad idea for Danish businesses to look towards Turkey. The development in Turkey is, after several years with massive growth rates, a bit still now but the market is still extremely interesting for Danish companies. The country has a purchasing power which only goes one way and Turkey is, with a 5,6 billions Danish kroner export (approx. 753 million euro), today the 17th biggest export market for Denmark.”

“Danish companies are generally doing well in Turkey and we have been better at gaining entry on the market than many of our European competitors,” he says.

Jesper Kamp, Danish Consul General in Turkey agrees with this example:

“Hummel is probably the biggest Danish success story in Turkey but more Danish companies have big success in Turkey,“ says Jesper Kamp and mentions Pandora, Ecco and Lego as examples. “The economy in Turkey has tripled the last 12 years and Turkey is probably the cheapest country to produce in in Europe,” he says.

Hummel has sales of about 500 million Danish kroner (approx. 67 million euro) in Turkey a year.

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About the area:
When many Danish people hear “Antalya” they think about Alanya. That is a shame because Antalya is something completely different. Antalya is a big, beautiful, old city which has almost 1 million citizens and is a sparkling modern Turkish city. It has beautiful winding streets in the area where the old harbour is. There is a lot to see for the more discerning foreign visitor. Lara Beach, where the Titanic Hotel is placed, is just outside Antalya and has a beautiful sandy beach. According to Kemal Atatürk (the founder of the modern Turkey) Antalya is the most beautiful city in Turkey.

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